About Burg

We play a leading role worldwide in a sustainable and fair way with natural vinegar and, in markets selected by us, with syrups.

About Burg

We play a leading role worldwide in a sustainable and fair way with natural vinegar and, in markets selected by us, with syrups.

At Burg Group, we are conscious of this role and the responsibility that goes with it. Our goal is to make the world healthier, tastier and cleaner in a fair and sustainable way. In this way, we are able to strengthen our relations and leave a clean legacy, one that fits our DNA as a family business. With our own code of conduct, partly based on internationally recognised principles from the United Nations, we bring a lot of passion to our business.


As we are convinced there is always room for improvement, we keep on looking for new possibilities for both our products and processes. This is a continuous process, for we keep on working on suitable solutions for our relations. For example, we continue to be frontrunners, we respond to developments in the world of vinegar and syrups, we understand what the consumer wants, and we know how we can serve the market best.

Concentrating on the future is in the DNA of our family business. Sustainability is firmly embedded in all layers of our organisation. And that’s important because we also accept our responsibility for leaving behind a healthy company for the next generations. Not just for our own employees but also for the society of the future.

Taking pleasure in your work is important to us; an open atmosphere with room for humour, interaction and development is essential for this. In the cooperation with our suppliers and customers, pleasure, commitment and an open attitude are important. This makes us a pleasant, reliable and flexible business partner. We are accessible and believe in dialogue.

Burg is always pleased to think along to use our specialist knowledge to realise suitable solutions for our relations. With this flexible attitude we provide tailored solutions for every organisation, within the set frameworks. The basic principle is that we make things healthier, cleaner and more tasteful, so that the retail organisation, the food manufacturer and the consumer benefit.

Our products

Burg Group produces:

  • food vinegar such as natural vinegar, wine vinegar, cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and organic variants;
  • cleaning vinegar and related products such as cleaning vinegar gel, sprayers, bathroom and glass cleaners;
  • fruit syrups, light syrups, concentrated syrups, organic syrups and fruit mixes.

Our packaging
At Burg Group, we deliver products in tankers and bulk packaging to the food industry. We also develop and produce consumer packaging for retail organisations, for example glass, can and PET packaging, which creates potential for customisation. Our PET packaging has many advantages: the material is light and strong and easy to recycle. Burg manages the whole process: from injection moulding the pre-forms to creating the desired model for the bottles.

International operations
Burg Group has 7 modern production sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Its head office is in Heerhugowaard in the province of North Holland. Production at all sites meets high quality, efficiency and sustainability standards. Burg Group complies with the International Food Standards (IFS). We have also been awarded organic certification like SKAL and ECO certificates and we can comply with kosher & halal requirements for certain product groups.

Special features of Burg Group
Around 250 employees help create a professional organisation with a friendly atmosphere. Although we operate internationally, Burg Group has short lines and open communication. We are also socially minded and innovative. This hasn’t changed in over 70 years and guarantees good working relationships, both internally and externally. Entrepreneurship, involvement and a realistic approach are other characteristics that are reflected in our operations. We are the partner you can rely on!