Our partners

Our partners

We are considerate to our employees and our interlocutors. We want to contribute to the industry or environment and generally to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. We do so with our mission: ‘The world becomes healthier, tastier or cleaner from our natural vinegar and syrup. We strive for a clean legacy.’

Dutch Kidney Foundation

From our own brand Tromp & Rueb, we are partner of the Dutch Kidney Foundation. The Dutch Kidney Foundation and Burg Group share a common message: less salt, more taste. Through this cooperation, we spread knowledge about the use of natural vinegar and its positive features and thus stimulate the cooking of healthy meals. Many people are unaware that adding vinegar to your dishes brings out the flavor of the ingredients and therefore they require less salt.

Female Cancer Foundation

Founded in the Netherlands, the Female Cancer Foundation has been working since February 2006 to help women around the world to detect cervical cancer at an early stage. The Female Cancer Foundation is active in developing countries, where the vast majority of cervical cancer victims live, and where this form of cancer is the main cause of death among women. The Foundation strives for a world without cervical cancer by means of screening, research and education. A team of doctors and health professionals raises awareness among women about the risks of cervical cancer and informs them on how to prevent it. For screening, the VIA method is used (making use of vinegar). Burg is a proud partner of the Female Cancer Foundation.

Princess Máxima Center

In 2022, we became a Business Friend of the Foundation that raises money for the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology. Unfortunately, we have colleagues whose child is fighting cancer or who still come to the center for their annual check-ups. As our colleagues are close to our heart, we decided to support the work of the Princess Máxima Center financially. Our name is now visible in their foyer for those visiting.